General Information


A Message from our  President

Welcome to the University of Connecticut Car Club’s website.  Founded in 2003, our remarkable success as an automotive club can be attributed to being a car club with no designation as to type, mark, or import/domestic.  We have kept this campus-wide organization open to as many students, faculty, and alumni as possible.  We understand that college budgets are tight, and we are not looking for the fastest or the flashiest rides in Connecticut – you do not even need to own a car.

The UConn Car Club is a social organization that looks to bring motorsport- and performance-oriented enthusiasts and automotive networks together in the pursuit of enjoyment and learning.  A true automotive enthusiast is conversant with all walks of enthusiasts; yet as individuals we have our preferences, whether they are biased towards track performance, straight-line speed, off-road, audio, or pure aesthetic style.  From turbo and all-motor hatches, to RWD displacement hungry V8’s, to AWD ¼-mile monsters, to off-road rally machines, and to lifted, rock-climbing jeeps and trucks, one would be hard-pressed to find a more diverse group of automotive nuts in the New England Area.

Our future success and growth relies heavily on the continuing acquisition of members, and for that reason we are always looking for new, dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable people.  We extend an open invitation to all of our meetings, events, and cruises to anyone who is interested, so please come see what we’re all about!